Studio Recording & Video Production

The Musician's Lounge

AquaMunkee Studios combines a professional recording facililty with all the comforts of home in the Musician's Lounge. The lounge is a quiet place for other members of the band to relax or work out song ideas during multi-track recording sessions, and offers free WiFi access, television, and even a place to catch up on sleep for those long nights promoting your band.

Flexible Digital Recording Options

Since the fully-digital recording studio provides 16 channels for simultaneous multi-track recording and a full-size practice room, your band can choose to record live as a group or one track at a time. You can also combine these approaches, making a live "scratch track" with the entire band before going back to overdub individual performances to combine the precision of multi-track with the energy of live recording.

Flexible Digital Mixing Options

We also let you decide how involved you want to be with the mixdown process, offering you full control by providing the multi-track raw audio or the freedom to leave the mixing entirely up to AquaMunkee, and anything in between.

Video Production

AquaMunkee Studios can provide basic video editing services if you want to make full-scale video productions, either of your musical performances or other multimedia projects.

Additional Support

Also, since you are in the studio of a working musician, all of the musical instruments of AquaMunkee are available for your use during sessions. See the Professional Studio and Musical Equipment page for details on what is available.

Also, if you are short-handed and need session musician support, AquaMunkee can assist by either performing himself or working with the network of Madison-area musicians to identify session musicians to help you complete your project.