Live Sound Reinforcement & Recording

AquaMunkee Studios is more than just a home recording studio, we also offer a complete PA system and multi-track mixing system, with fully-mobile multi-track recording as well.

Live Sound for Local Shows

AquaMunkee Studios provides a high powered PA system loud enough to handle small to medium sized outdoor venues. We also offer a standard 16-channel mixing system that can be expanded up to 24 channels, with 4 separate monitor mixes to ensure each member of the band hears the mix they need throughout the show.

Live Digital Multi-Track Recording

Some bands do their best work live, and if that sounds like you then AquaMunkee can be there behind the scenes capturing you at your best.

With a fully-mobile, fully-digital, 16-channel live mixing board capable of direct-to-disk recording we can capture your performance while providing live sound, and later adjust the mix in post-production for studio quality demo CDs.