Professional Studio and Musical Equipment

AquaMunkee Studios provides everything you need to make professional quality studio or live recording CDs as well as limited video production projects.

The Recording Gear of AquaMunkee Studios

Digital Mixer

Mackie Onyx 1640 Digital Mixer

  1. 16 channels & 4 submixes
  2. 6 aux channels - 4 monitor mixes plus 2 effects
  3. 16 track direct to disk recording

Assortment of Professional Studio Microphones

  1. Shure Sm57 Instrument Mics
  2. Audix OM3 Vocal Mics
  3. Electro-Voice N/D767A Vocal Mics
  4. Senheiser E609 & E906 Guitar Cabinet Mics
  5. ElectroVoice Blue Raven Bass Cabinet Mic
  6. Countryman DT85 Direct Box
  7. Audio-Technica AE2500 Dual Element Kick Mic
  8. Shure Beta 98D Small Condenser Snare Mic
  9. MXL603 Small Condenser Overhead Mics
Studio Effects Rack

Studio & Live Sound Effects Rack

  1. 6 channels of graphic equalization with optional feedback control
  2. 4 channels of optical compression
  3. 4 channels of multi-effects processing
  4. 2 channels of reverb
  5. Uninterruptible Power Supply

The Musical Instruments of AquaMunkee Studios

Electric Guitars

Guitars & Basses

  1. Carvin California Carved Top Electric Guitar
  2. Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Electric Guitar
  3. Fender American Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar
  4. Fender HM Strat Electric Guitar
  5. Kramer Striker Electric Guitar
  6. Washburn HB-35 Hollow Body Electric Guitar
  7. Warmoth Custom Baritone Electric Guitar
  8. Spector Legend 4-string Electric Bass Guitar
  9. Wasburn XB100 4-string Electric Bass Guitar
  10. Ovation Adamas 6-string Acoustic Guitar
  11. Fernandes Palisade Nylon 6-string Classical Guitar
  12. Washburn D42S12 12-string Acoustic Guitar
Korg 01W Keyboard

Korg 01/WFD Keyboard & Sequencer

  1. 61 Full-Sized, Unweighted Keys with 32 Voice Polyphony
  2. Built-in 16-channel MIDI Sequencer
  3. 254 Real-World Sampled Instruments
  4. 01/W Synthesis Engine & 47 Stereo Effects
Tama SuperStar Drum Kit

Tama SuperStar 5-Piece Drum Kit

  1. Kick, Snare, & 3 Toms
  2. Standard Ride, Crash & HiHat Cymbals
  3. Always Fully Assembled, Mic'ed and Ready to Go