AquaMunkee Songwriting - FAWM 2016

The 2016 February Album Writing Month is AquaMunkee’s 10th year taking the challenge, and this year we’re planning a special concept album to mark the decade of participation.

Still working out the details, but the concept focuses on love, intrigue, and clowns in the Kharnival circus led by Evgeny “Jenya” Kharnaze. Stay tuned during the month of February as the story unfolds...

Kharnival Circus

All songs included in the mini-concept album will be created as a three-way colaboration with Joe “Manwich” Leonard and Khakulus.


  1. The Fat Lady of the Circus
  2. Paulina’s Waltz
  3. The Acrobats
  4. Fever Dream
  5. The Jugglers
  6. Fait Accompli
  7. Jenya
  8. Kharnaze
  9. IMA Clown
  10. Rakesh the Sword Swallower
  11. Blend and Balance
  12. Grievances and Apathy
  13. Generations (no demo)
  14. Einschlafhilfe
  15. Bend and Break
  16. Glee
  17. Beloved
  18. IMA Clown Jam
  19. Khakulus 2

You can also follow the link below to listen to the posts on the website, where in addition to the music you can also see comments and critiques from other songwriters or listen to music from other composers in the global FAWM community.


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