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Liner Notes

Another song inspired by my son Benjamin Alexander Morse, or B.A.M. I like to joke about Benjamin being an addict because of the way he eats, and then because the inappropriateness of my sense of humor knows no bounds, I also joke about him being a drug kingpin, and a thug rapper named “DJ BAM.”

Aside from all of the crazy randomness, this song does have a very subtle glimmer of depth... the Japanese motif in the middle is inspired by thoughts I have about rebirth.

Through the traditional Japanese martial art I study I've learned a bit about Zen Buddhism. Though I am influenced by Buddhist thought I certainly do not claim to be well educated in Buddhism, but I like to think that Benjamin is an old soul who was waiting to pick his parents from the other side. When he stepped through to be born, like all of us he lost touch with the universal connection he had in his time between lives. I like to think that remnants of that wisdom still persist, but as he gains more knowledge about the world, especially with respect to language, his knowledge and wisdom of the afterlife fades.

Also, I have always thought Japanese music just sounded cool. ;-)



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