No Room for Us Dreamers


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Liner Notes

This one was inspired by an article in The Onion newspaper about how gun control was adversely impacting an AR-15 with aspirations to be used in a shooting spree.,31080/

For those unfamiliar, The Onion is a joke newspaper that makes fun of current events.

Editorial Comment: Listening to this the morning after I realized that I sort of strayed (lyrically) from my initial vision for this song. I intended to write from the perspective of the rifle, and reading through the lyrics that still works, but it's also just as viable to consider the story from the whack-job shooter's perspective... it works as is I suppose, I'll leave this for consideration as a post-FAWM re-write opportunity.


I read the news, it’s coming down
No more room for my kind in this sleepy town
I need to move, no time to kill
They passed the bill up on Capitol Hill

[slide interlude]

Chances dwindling, the cards are cold
This ain’t the way I planned for growing old
I’d set my sights, but now I’m setting them low
No grand designs, no more big media show

No room for us dreamers
Missed our piece of that apple pie
No room for us dreamers
Those dreams are over… time to die

One more chance, let’s plan it out
Community centers maximize the body count
We could hit the mall, or maybe a school?
Shrieking kids and teachers… yeah that would rule!

Got my sniper scope, MILSPEC laser sight…
We could rain down terror on this town tonight
30 round magazine, yeah we ain’t hunting deer
When I send my message I want it loud and clear

No room for us dreamers
We’ll take our piece of that apple pie
No room for us dreamers
Your dreams are over… now time to die

No room for us dreamers
Just taking our piece of the American dream
No room for us dreamers
I like your voice so much better… when I hear you scream

[Television Announcer]
The assailant was a 41-year-old man, no wife or family, with a massive arsenal of automatic weapons in a cellar converted into an unassailable fortress in the middle of this quiet suburban neighborhood. Among the confiscated weaponry was a Czechoslovakian SKS, a Mark-19 automatic grenade launcher, an RPG rocket launcher, and of course the AR-15 he used in today’s tragic assault.

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