Party on the Island of Misfit Toys


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Liner Notes

I just got my very first guitar back from the shop after extensive restoration, a 1988 Kramer Striker. The guitar is only 25 years old, but as young aspiring engineer I rewired it several times, repainted the body thrice, and at one point thought it was a good idea to scallop the top 10 frets by hand with a round file... totally rendering the instrument unplayable.

Anyway, now that it's back with a new fretboard, veneer in the neck pocket to keep the neck straight, and playing like a dream thanks to Andy Ziehli at Action Guitars in Belleville, WI, I noticed that there were quite a few instruments hanging on the walls that just don't get as much "love" as my 'working axes' that I use for shows. So I started thinking about a song idea where all of these instruments could talk, then I thought it would be even cooler to let them "speak" with their own voices instead of me making up lyrics for them, so I picked up the old beater Kramer and played the first thing that came into my head, the distorted guitar sound that starts this tune.

I added a canned drum loop to keep the rhythm tight for the multi-tracking that was to follow...

Next I pulled out my Washburn hollow-body and a slide, that's the odd two note thing you hear panning back and forth most of the song. Then I grabbed my Ovation Adamas acoustic (just like the one Richie Sambora played on "Wanted Dead or Alive") that I never play since getting my Taylor acoustic, and that's where the funky chords came from.

Finally, and I know several will be appalled to hear this guitar gets no love, but I pulled out my Fender American Standard Strat for the lead that you hear. I just don't play it because my band plays a wide range of songs, so I need more versatility than my beloved but neglected Strat could provide.

The last thing I did was add a very simple bass part to fill out the tone, and voila! At long last I have my first entry for FAWM 2013!



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