Gutter Skank


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Liner Notes

Yet another collaboration with genius songwriter Joe Manwich Leonard. We worked through these lyrics together after work, but Joe really wrote the majority and the music was his as well. I contributed some shouted backing vocals though!

Another great collab Manwich!


You’re a gutter skank
but I like the way you walk
A cross between a wobble and a limp

You’re skinny as a rail
And your skin is so pale
Why would anybody want to be your pimp?

You’re a gutter skank and I’m sorry to be so frank
Did there come a point when you were a kid...
When you had to choose between being a sensible teen
or a zero getting high on the skids

When you shoot up on drugs
You inject them in your jugs
The only place you still have supple skin

Your jeans are very tight
And you stay out of the light
I can't imagine all the places you’ve been

You’re a gutter skank and now you’re in a drug tank
Is this really the best you can be?
I guess its too late for you to change your ways
But your misfortune's entertaining to me

You’re a gutter skank...
[repeat and fade]

© 2012 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios