Cold Stone Killer


This was one of the few video submissions on FAWM,and you can follow the link below for the video:

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Liner Notes

This was an impromptu creation with my good friend Joe Manwich Leonard, and as you can see in the video we had a lot of fun recording this.


I clench my fists as I stare up at the desert sky
Planning my mission... thoughts of you race across my mind
I can almost taste the sweet, cold satisfaction

A hot dry wind blows my hair back against my head
I get behind the wheel, fighting back the sense of dread
I hit the gas and I head down toward the action

I miss you on the darkest nights
But now I’ve got you in my sights
And soon I’ll have you in my hand

There’s a rocky road ahead
I could choose another path instead
But then I wouldn’t be a man

I close my eyes and think about what I’ve just done
The taste of your last kiss still lingers on my tongue
The smell of you is still sticky sweet on my hands

I'm a coldstone killer and
I hope you don’t misunderstand
This hunger's something I can’t deny

I may be satisfied today
But I won't be denied my prey
Still 18 flavors I need to try...

Coldstone killer

© 2012 Joe Manwich Leonard and Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios