Next Time Around


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Liner Notes

In addition to thinking a lot about my dad (see my first song post), I've also been thinking of his mother, who was like a second mother to me and my siblings. This song is for her.

I also wanted to explore new chord forms outside of the basic stuff I learned in my first few guitar lessons, so here's an exploration of maj7, min7, and dom7.

Progressions are:
A Bm7
C#m7 Dmaj7 / C#min7 Bm7 E7

I'm happy with the chord progressions I came up with, but the vocal lines aren't very interesting, and my voice isn't the best for this song either...


Walking as a family with my wife and our dog
As we walk along the road… my mind drifts to…
Thoughts of melting snow, nothing so profound
I bid farewell to winter… see you next time a-

‘round the next bend,
We see a family playing
And I think back… to my grandma
On my dad’s side,
She’s been gone so many years
I wonder where that thought came from?

Then I start to wonder if there’s something to the thought
That we all come back, once we leave here
Maybe when we’re gone, we’re not gone for good
Would I know her if I met her, I wonder if I…

Could it be that she’s
Still with us on this Earth,
but in a different form?
The little girl
We just saw playing,
With curls of auburn gold…

I watched them lower your casket down into the ground
I miss you right now, but I’ll see you next time around

© 2011 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios