Es Dubya


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Liner Notes

From AquaMunkee: OK, this is what came of the tribute I intended to write for Mike Skliar, as mentioned in the liner notes of Be Like Mike (Skliar) (*18235) - the chord progression is stolen outright from his song In America if you're crazy (*10836).

Mike gets collab credit for coming up with the very cool chord progression, but should not be held accountable for poorly chosen lyrics or performance.

Edit March 14, 2011: In celebration of Pi Day, the State of Wisconsin saw the need to send not one but two Senior Special Agents out to my house tonight because of the first two lines of this song (now rewritten), despite the fact that immediately below them I included the following disclaimer:

[Disclaimer: Just a figure of speech! No threat intended here]

I asked the agents if I needed to remove or rewrite the song, to which they responded (in all seriousness!) "of course not, it's your freedom of speech." Our tax dollars at work - clearly squeezing the schoolteachers unions and cutting educational budgets will make up for sending agents around to ensure out songwriting freedom of speech is still intact.

On the upside - I just bought a new acoustic guitar, a Taylor 314ce, and got to do my first FAWM recording with it tonight. I had to re-record from scratch since my original version of this was a live recording with vocals and guitar in one take.


Es Dubya you really are a fucking douche
You sent two agents to my house but that don’nt hide the truth:
You're paying off the deficit
By robbing proletariat
Es Dubya you really... are just a fucking douche

'Til now you didn't seem like such a bad guy
Those teachers won't give up their rights
Stop playing the fool
'cuz they're shutting down schools
You think you'll be reelected? Man don't even try...

Without warning you tried to take their pensions away
At least offer conversion to 401k
Collective bargaining sometimes too far
But your current campaign is just crazy

Republicans are really showing off their ass
Exposing their desire to be the ruling class
Strongarm tactics don't fly
And you can lick my brown-eye
Yes, Dubya, you heard me, you can kiss my ass

That’s right, my muthafukin taint.

Lyrics © 2011 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios
Music © 2011 M.Skliar