Behind the Void


(no demo for this song)

Liner Notes

I'm trying a new writing approach, lyrics first, since starting with music often makes it tough to find room for vocals. This is a titular generated title (FAWMers: see Tools link above, good stuff!), and I had no idea what I would write about I just really liked the title.

As I should have expected, despite my good mood this one quickly developed into another dark tune about my dad. I'll leave it on the backburner for a while before putting it to music, just in an effort to prevent burning out / writer's block like I had after Empty Eulogy.

I have a problem in general any time I write something from the heart. It kills my songwriting efforts for at least the next 3-5 days, which is a shame during FAWM. When it comes to singing about my dad it is both healing and soul-crushing... and the subsequent writer's block seems much worse.

I probably don't need to write another one about him but I keep going back there emotionally. My internal therapist tells me there's something there trying to come out? Not sure yet if FAWM will be along for the ride, but I'll try to stick with this and put it out there.


Wordless he regards you
Quiet; staring blankly
Feeling nothing
Except everything

Though he tries to hide it...
behind the veil
Though he fights to bury it...
behind the void

Nothingness can't insulate
Pain and frustration perceived as hate
No warmth survives inside a vacuum
No warmth survives his empty room

Unfeeling, tries to imitate
Pain and sadness permeates
No warmth survives inside a vacuum
His room becomes his empty tomb

Though I tried to find him...
behind the veil
Did I ever really reach him...
behind the void?

© 2011 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios