Ping Pong Patong


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Liner Notes

More of this story is true than you would think, but it's certainly embellished. It also makes little sense unless you've been to Patong, but Google "ping pong show Patong" for some clues but be on guard for inappropriate / NSFW content...

The only reason this is marked NSFW is the use of the word "poontang" which I simply could not resist considering the topic.


Hanging in Thailand yeah I love this place
Got the sun on my skin and a smile on my face
On Phuket Island surf’s always up
These people so friendly saying khob-kun-Krub!

Well I’m headin’ downtown yeah I’m rollin’ with my gang
Gonna check the hot spots gonna get some poon-tang
Yeah we’re rocking Pa-tong it’s the place to go
But every other dude’s hawking ping pong shows?

On the seedy main street all the hawkers closed in
Had to take a break from that street of sin
Went to BJ’s shop – ben wa balls made us cry
With a sign clearly stating you “cannot try”

There were dirty old men oggling ladies on the town
Next door Mickey-D’s with Ronald the clown
The Happy Night Bar lets you choose your joy
With ladies upstairs, downstairs: “ladyboys”

© 2011 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios