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Liner Notes

I think this one speaks for itself, tried to experiment with music fitting the lyrics in subtle ways...


Feeling kinda flat, feeling kinda down
No interest in fashion so I'm dressing all in brown
Every ounce of clothing from my head to my toes
I'll stand out like a fool when I'm out in the snow
Brown leather coat, brown leather shoes
Belt matches shoes so you know it's brown too
My slacks are tan, my shirt brown to match
I even matched my undies with my skid mark tracks

Feeling monochromatic I’m feeling kinda bad
Writing this song’s the most fun I’ve had
Not much to say not a thing to sing about
This flat boring rap’s just a musical pout
Backing instrumentation just isn’t much fun
Just your basic blues riff with a chromatic runs
I know this song’s slow, it’s lame, I’m a chump
Just hoping this song will end my FAWM slump

© 2011 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios