Empty Eulogy


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Liner Notes

Hopefully all of the songs this FAWM won't be this dark, lost my dad last year and we had a complicated relationship. I loved him and he knew that, which gives me some solace, but there was a lot of ugliness there too.


There he sits in the dark
Alone but not how he wants it
Cold and raging inside
Not a sound but he's screaming

We've been down this road before
He swears that he's just fine

I missed the calls on my phone
A sinking feeling builds up inside
Mom is shaken up
We almost never hear her cry

He slept while watching TV
But he never bothered to close his eyes
One less soul in pain
One less day to make things right

He finally found his peace
He lacked for way too long
In the bottle his release
From a life so filled with pain

© 2011 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios