11-String Improv


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Liner Notes

In daily life we always find ourselves asking "What would Brian Boitano do?" But, in the land of FAWM I often ask "What would Errol do?"

If it's 11:23 PM prior to the end of FAWM2010, as it was when I last asked that question, he would probably write a really awesome, completely improvised song off the cuff.

Since I'm not him it isn't completely awesome, but it should make a lot of FAWMers laugh (you'll notice it made me laugh at one point).



(I quickly typed while listening to the posted recording to come up with these "lyrics")

Well it's 11:23 at the end of the night
I got nuthin to sing but that's alright
FAWMing is about done, I'm trying to sing
I want one more last song on this... 11 string

I lost one string on my old 12 string
So like most guitarists it's down by one
But I wanted to write something with this guitar
So here I am off the top of my head

With this 11 string guitar pounding right now
I kinda got lost but what the hell?
(laughing) keep going now
I keep telling myself "What would Errol do?

Errol'd keep singing and it would all sound real good
But I'm not him so I kinda sound like a fool
I pound on this guitar and I keep on going
I see what I can do... geez, I kinda sound like Lightfoot

Yeah I sound like G... Gordon Lightfoot on the Edmund Fitzgerald
Maybe that's ok 'cuz I don't live far from where it crashed?
Yeah I'm really lost so I think I'll end this song
Oh my god this is bad...

© 2010 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios