The Story


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Liner Notes

I am having a horrific time with lyrics this FAWM, so I offered up an opportunity for gifted lyricists worldwide to write the lyrics for this one.

As cliche as it sounds, I didn't have to look outside of my network of friends here in Madison, and one of my favorite songwriters (who I am trying hard to convince to join FAWM) came through.

Thanks to Eric Davis for these great lyrics - the emotion you hear in my vocals is real, I could have written these very lyrics for a few family and friends, but my father and brother came to mind as I sang.


Let me tell you my story, it's been on my mind
I am addicted, afflicted, sitting here losing time.
My pain is calmed with every drink I take.
This wasted feeling erases all my mistakes.

[instrumental break]

No one will ever know the pain that I feel.
I am a wounded man with no hope to heal.
I was once like you - father, husband and friend.
Took nourishment from the bottle, to help my hurt to end.

[bridge] The haze I know is comfort in my eyes.
I slowly die each day as life goes by.
But here I am in the middle
Nothing more I can do

[long instrumental break]

Let me tell you my story, it's been on my mind
Don't know quite where to start, it's been such a long time

© 2010 Eric Davis & Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios