Brecca’s Race


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Liner Notes

So, at 38 years old I'm finally taking swimming lessons. I figured, with a moniker like "AquaMunkee," and being a scuba insructor, I should be a decent swimmer, right? But I never learned to properly front crawl (also called freestyle).

Biggest issue is the synchronization of kicking, paddling, and especially breathing. Then I broke it down to a 3/4 pattern in my brain and it started to stick.

To really lock in the timing tonight since I didn't feel like another trip to the pool I practiced my synchronization with this mental exercise, and hopefully with this song in my head while swimming laps I'll start to really see my stroke pick up.

Like Poseidon's Throne, I decided to go epic with this, and pulled from the mythological story of Brecca and Beowulf's swimming race. You can imagine the battles with the sea monsters during this if you like, that's how I put it together anyway.


Just a lot of huffing and puffing (got myself nice and dizzy hyperventilating into the mic for the rhythm track).

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