La Hacienda Obtuso


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Liner Notes

More from ToEleven, this is from our previous practice and it's about as freeform as anyone should ever allow themselves to get while the tape is rolling.

We wanted to give it a grand name like "La Villa Strangiato," but keep in mind the name is where the similarity between these two songs ends.

In all seriousness (and lack thereof), this is probably one of my favorite recordings ever of us... never to be recreated or imitated, a special moment in time that must only exist in this pure, improvisational form.

Pure, classic... perfect. ;-)

That's me on bass, Jeff Flick on guitar, and Andy Fuller on drums. Andy also provides the very classy intro and closing statements in his rich British accent.

(bonus points to those who catch the Spinal Tap reference)


"Brian Morse, he wrote this."

"And that, my friends, is what we call... art."

© 2010 ToEleven & Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios