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Liner Notes

So I've been wanting to do something with DADGAD tuning for a while, but didn't really know my way around. Noodling led me to this 12 bar shuffle, and I decided it was time for my dedication song to the FAWM experience...

Out comes the laptop - I just played this in front of the built-in mics. This one's just for fun, no production value intended and some bad spots in the chord progression but I enjoyed myself and hope you enjoy the humor enough to overlook the music.

The lyrics aren't really a blues at all, unless you consider being sad for not being sad enough to play the blues? ;-)


Well I'm sitting here with my guitar
Got this tuning I wanna try
The problem with these blues now
Ain't got nuthin' that makes me cry

So I sit here strumming my heart out
But these lyrics they wrack my brain
'Cuz the blues they just ain't coming
In the end I can't complain

See my life it's going fine now
I got my troubles like all the rest
But when it really comes down to it
February Album Writing Month's the best

There's great music from caterwauler
And also Empty Frame
Then there's that "other guy" they call Errol
(Even for a Canadian he's insane)

Mike Skliar & Beth Kille
Their music's is always great
And now this new cat CTS...
His production is top rate!

And in Europe Axl and Karan
Their music always thrills
Even cooler when their lyrics
Help me hone my German skills

And there's Max from Amsterdam
Not just music but videos too
And on every video entry
He reminds us to divide his count by two

Looprication out in Cali
Has the mix to rock the show
And my buddies Animalien and Kelly
Right here with me in the snow

I know there are more I missed
And for that I do regret
That this song just ain't that grooving
To keep going for another set (guitar!)

© 2010 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios