Poseidon’s Throne


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Liner Notes

This song was entirely inspired by my synth patches. The patch "The Old King" starts this one off, and it was essentially improvised in layers from there, although not sequentially. The first layered bit I came up with ends up being the repetitive motif at the close of the song, and the middle bit was the last part I wrote.


(No lyrics as this is an instrumental, but here is the image I saw as I composed)

The grizzled king Poseidon sits stoically on his underwater throne. He's surrounded by all of the sea creatures he claims dominion over, scurrying about in their busy lives (cleaner shrimp were a clear influence for the repetitive pattern in the middle using the kyoto-sounding patch).

All of his aquatic minions offer no true companionship - their presence is a symptom of their servitude and nothing more.

Surrounded by his subjects, the sad king is alone brooding in silence.

© 2010 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios