Chicago Dogs


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Liner Notes

A friend and coworker challenged me to write a song about one of the midwest's best-loved fast foods - the Chicago Dog.

Here's to you Mitch, and to the Chicago Dog!

Edit: Just got word that this song is now linked to Mitch's Chicago Dog website:

Edit#2: Also got word that Axl has done a marvelous parallel to this in his homage to the wonderful Doener kebab from Germany... When I lived in Bavaria I was completely addicted to these Turkish adaptations of what most Americans would call a gyro.


Steamed, grilled or boiled but never broiled
All-beef hot dog on a poppy seed bun
Mustard, onion, & nuclear relish
Dill pickle spears and tomato

Pickled sport peppers, dash of celery salt
Everything you could want in a fast food
Some call them red hots but that's not me
I just call it my "Chicago Dog"

[musical interlude]

Back in '29 they were facing tough times
The period known as the Depression
A place called Fluky's first served this treat
Then called "Depression Sandwich"

Well tough times don't last but great dogs do
And Fluky's red hots stood the test of time
At hot dog stands on every streetside
You can still find Chicago Dogs

© 2010 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios