FAWM’s Enging Blues


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Liner Notes

They say the blues ain't nuthin' but a good FAWMer feelin' bad...

NOTE: As mentioned in the lyrics, the piano, harp (blues harmonica) and drums are all audio loops in my computer software. The only 'real' performance on this track is the guitar solo, and the vocals of course.


Well I'm feelin' blue
And I know that I shouldn't
But my February fun's almost done

Yeah I'm feelin' down
'Cuz although it's been a good month
I got so much more music in me

I know I should keep writing
And I know I should stop cryin'
But I've grown so damned dependent on this site

Well I'm feelin' bad
Lord I'm so lonely
Singin' these blues by myself

Yeah I'm alone
Just my computer on accompaniment
But these pianos, drums & harps ain't too bad

Well I know I should stop whining
And I know just like Jimi says
I got my guitar for when these blues get me down

© 2009 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios