Conchordian Slip


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Liner Notes

This one is a tribute to (or ripoff of) my favorite comedy, Flight of the Conchords, featuring the brilliant songwriting of Bret McKenzie & Jemaine Clement.

The story is inspired by a true story, although I've greatly exaggerated the story to make it more "conchordian." In a nutshell, a friend of a friend is very interested in my wife, although he's never done anything inappropriate it's readily apparent. And the guy is very intelligent but completely socially inept.

His favored tactic at social gatherings is to focus on an unpopular or even offensive topic and champion the least socially acceptable views, apparently just for the sake of amusing himself. He also seems to enjoy making himself seem superior and enlightened for being the open-minded one in the conversation.


Went to a party
I’m on you just like glue
Your husband doesn’t seem to like the way I touch you

What’s that lady?
You think I stand too close?
I know you’re married, it’s OK we just won’t let him know

Oooo-ooooo ooooh
Come on baby, you know you feel it too
Oooo-ooooo ooooh
I got some rufies in my pocket and I’ll use them if I have to

Another party
I see you sitting there
What a lovely blouse and I just love the way you wear your hair

Yeah, I really like your smell… is that Prell?

Sit down beside you
My hand touches your arm
A conversation starts you know that’s when I show my charm

Ooo now baby, been waitin’ oh so long
Seems my comments on abortion’s where I went wrong
Come on woman, you know you make me sweat
It’s ok, my views on Hitler are just something you can’t accept yet

Oooo-ooooo ooooh
Come on baby, no need to run away
Oooo-ooooo ooooh
No, seriously, the rufies were a joke I’d never treat a woman that way

Oooo-ooooo ooooh
Honestly, I love you like a friend is what I mean
Oooo-ooooo ooooh
Restraining order?!? That seems extreme

© 2009 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios