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Liner Notes

I stumbled across news about Denver's Breed Specific Legislation while surfing today, and it got me on another crusade.



I'm on my 2nd pit bull, my first ("Corey," who I dedicated 4 songs to over the previous two FAWMs) being a pit-bull mix that was the closest thing to a "perfect pet" I've ever known.

Charlie, my latest pound-puppy, is possibly 100% pit bull (no way to tell from the pound), and he demonstrates some of the classic territorial aggressiveness of the breed. It makes it annoying / embarassing when he puts on his defensive show around other dogs, but my wife and I have yet to see him physically harm another dog despite his getting off leash on a handful of occasions and running out to play with other dogs.

Around strangers (people) Charlie is at first tentative but once they get close he is ridiculously friendly, and around the house he's just a big, cuddly couch potato. Oh, and he's spayed, which is also statistically shown to dramatically reduce the likelihood of attack (1st link above cites a 3x propensity for non-spayed or neutered dogs to bite).

By the way, if you're curious about some positive facts on pit bulls, I found a good link (and initially this song had another whole verse devoted to the historical info on this site, but I decided I was getting too preachy):


At any rate, in Denver they are exterminating pit bulls, and I've heard of similar legislation for Rottweilers, Dobermans, and other breeds. To me this goes beyond nonsensical, and being a dog lover through and through it deeply upsets me. So, I felt compelled to write at least one angry song this FAWM that wasn't about work.

Apologies for the vocals, my voice was starting to give out by the time I was finishing this one up.


Aren't you a little old
To fear the boogie man?
I know I would sleep much better
If YOUR bullshit was banned

You think that life is safer choosing
Who can live or die?
I think you're full of shit
And I'm about to tell you why

So why would I protect
The pitbull breed with such a rap?
I do this 'cuz I know the hype is
All a bunch of crap

In the early 1900s
They were our nation's favorite pet
Loved and cherished by the family
For we hadn't ruined them yet

B.S.L. is crazy
B.S.L. is cruel
Fear and prejudice are victors while
Justice plays the fool

We train them to be weapons
Bent towards violence over time
Victimized by cruel abuse
Then made to pay for owner's crimes

We oppose Genocide
Of human beings in every way
Yet genocide in canines?
At least in Denver it's OK

B.S.L. is stupid
B.S.L. is cruel
You subjugate democracy
When genocide's the rule

B.S.L. is crazy
B.S.L. is cruel
Fear and prejudice are victors
While justice plays the fool

© 2009 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios