Reversi Wall


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Liner Notes

This one is a wall of sound, and it originates with a backwards guitar part. I was inspired by Joshua Schramm's "use a backwards recording" challenge to invert something, so I recorded myself fingerpicking arpeggios on an acoustic guitar then flipped it to lay down the initial melody and mood for this piece.

That was about the only premeditated part of this song, everything else was improvised, and in some cases I couldn't even hear what I was doing over the noise in my headphones while I was recording new parts so it really gives this piece a very random feel...

I started on the keys to play the slow string & piano part, messed around on an acoustic drumset in the background which swells as an acoustic guitar going through several effects and being played by a spoon (Caterwauler's idea,, although I don't seem to have the technique down so I went percussive instead of the cool slide-ey stuff she does) builds up.

Next you start to hear a metronomic bassline come pulsing in and acoustic noodling, and arpeggios with stereo delay are sort of buried but infrequently can be made out in the din.

After listening a few times I felt I needed to do something to help individual parts stand out more, especially the bass and the stereo-delayed arpeggios which both had the same rhythmic feel, so I did a lot of slow panning effects that I think add a lot to the natural chaos of this one.




© 2009 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios