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Liner Notes

This morning at 8AM (I'm not a morning person) I was sitting in a weekly meeting called the Supplier Ongoing Status meeting, typically referred to as the S.O.S. meeting. The more common definition of the acronym (same 'ol sh!t) certainly fits, as it seems we talk about the same 'ol shite every week...

Anyway, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of my company mandates my attendance at this meeting to represent service engineering. During the entire two hours I may get 15 minutes of useful time (very generous estimate), so today I brought my FAWM notebook and scrawled out these lyrics while sitting right beside the COO (unbeknownst to him... mwah-hah-hah).

A moral victory for FAWM? Perhaps. Let's wait until the demo is recorded before answering that question, but I feel it's time to unleash the beast on a punk-rocker song!

Wow... now that the demo's done I finally realized why my punk efforts from previous years fell short, I wasn't p!ssed off enough! This was therapeutic, to say the least.


Two hours a week, every single week
Talk about logistics with the bean counter geeks
Endless talk about dates and lead times
I'm too indifferent to match this rhyme

Ordered 20 units; 11 came in
50 percent failure - terrible state we're in

Supplier Ongoing Status
Director's in a fit
Seems we always talk about the same old...

Frequency pushing on our magnetron tubes
Gantry unions seizing up without lube
Vendors fail to meet delivery dates
Seems they live to inspire our hate

Antagonistic vendors really make me sick
Antagonistic vendors you can suck my...

[angstful nervous breakdown]

Supplier Ongoing Status
COO is on a tear
The more these people talk the less I care

Supplier Ongoing Status
Director's in a fit
Seems we always talk about the same old...

Seems we always talk about the same old...

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