Die Letzten Goten


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Liner Notes

When I started wondering how I could explore songwriting in another language (inspired by Caterwauler's beautiful French creations) I started searching for Norse or Norse-inspired Germanic poetry and came up with this idea.

The lyrics below are the poetry of Felix Dahn (German poet and writer, 1834 - 1912).

Translation provided by Odins Gift.com.


(English translation)

The Last Goths
Make room, you peoples, for our tread,
We are the last of the Goths,
We do not carry treasure´s load,
We carry one that is dead.

Shield to shield and spear to spear,
We travel to Northland´s ground,
Until we have in the far grey sea
The island Thule found.

It´s said to be the island of troth
where still valid are honor and oath,
There we sink the king into the earth
In a coffin of spears from ash.

We come, make room for our tread
Through Rome´s betraying gate.
We only carry our king,
the crown was lost by fate.


To German speakers - I know my pronunciation is Scheiße, apologies! I never really understood how to pronounce the umlaut, I often mess up vowels (like ziehn, I pronounce it either zehn or sein), and I haven't spoken Deutsche in over 8 years.

To English speakers - I actually lived in Germany 5 years and that's how I'm able to imitate a Bavarian accent for this.

Lyrics (auf Deutsche):

Die Letzten Goten
Gebt Raum, ihr Völker, unsrem Schritt,
Wir sind die letzten Goten.
Wir tragen keine Schätze mit,
Wir tragen einen Toten.

Mit Schild an Schild und Speer an Speer,
Ziehn wir nach Nordlands Gründen,
Bis wir im fernen grauen Meer,
Die Insel Thule finden.

Das soll der Treue Insel sein,
Dort gilt noch Eid und Ehre,
Dort senken wir den König ein,
Im Sarg der Eschenspeere.

Wir kommen her, gebt Raum dem Schritt
Aus Roms falschen Toren.
Wir tragen nur den König mit,
Die Krone ging verloren.

© 2009 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios