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Liner Notes

This one is an example of the power of suggestion - the Photograph challenge inspired me to create a heartfelt thanks to my dad, he and I have spent the past few months scanning in old photo albums (I know, great coincidence) and the reflections from looking at those photos inspired this song.

Basic progression is A D E A / A D E alternating with A D E A / A F#m E for the verses and the refrain goes to C#m Bm / C#m D E and back the verse.

As for the lyrics, my first pass (Feb 2nd) was pretty bad, I almost gave up on this one entirely, but I think I've salvaged them with this latest version.


March 2nd - Posted live performance of this song as practice for upcoming open mics... I know, no big deal for most, but this is a big step for a perfectionist with a multi-track studio.


I don’t know why
I sit here staring at you
After so many years without a thought

Mem’ries of a child
Imagi-na-tion running free
Wond’ring what your life was like back then

Did you ever know
How much you meant to me?
Even far away I held you close

Staring at those pictures
You were so much larger than life
To a little boy who missed his father

[instrumental break]

At 37 years I’m older now than you were then
So many years have passed us by

Funny how it works
In my mind you’re still the same
Although I see you every year

Did you ever know
So much of what I’ve become
Was just to try to make you proud of me?

Photos come to life
In my mind they feel so real
They say that absence makes us fonder

© 2009 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios