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Liner Notes

Don't worry if this one makes no sense, it's not supposed to

This was a song challenge, to see how many different songs would arise if we all started with the exact same chord progressions and lyrics. This was my entry.


Iceland volcanoes, Iceland fjords
Iceland puffin, Iceland horse
Iceland saga, Iceland whale
Auto-pseudo-mondo, sale sale sale

Miracle miracle happiness
Giant libido giant success
Auto-pseudo-mondo size size size
Panacea cereal prize

Teeth appointment, wait wait wait
Teeth appointment, ache ache ache
Hygiene lecture pain pain bill
Auto-pseudo-mondo freedom pill

Miracle miracle happiness
Morning cocktail bikini dress
Auto-pseudo-mondo size size size
Panacea cereal prize

Miracle miracle happiness
Vacation smile lollipop rest
Suitcase toothbrush Iceland whale
Auto-pseudo-mondo sale sale sale

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