Over There


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Liner Notes

Eulogy to CPT Chris “Tankersully” Sullivan, a tank company commander killed in 2005 Iraq. Although he was a tank company commander, military operations had his armor company patrolling Iraq as infantrymen, and he was killed by an IED while he was partolling in his UNARMORED hummvee. Fantastic the way we take care of our troops, isn't it?


Hey! Hey! Rock and roll!
The sound of the rotors is loud and cold
And we were always ready to roll
So early in the morning

Thunder rolls across the sky
My buddy's hit; I watch him die
Oh Lord! Oh Lord! Please tell me why
So early in the morning

A sunlit morning greets my eyes
Awakens me from idle dreams
Another day to wonder why
He is gone… and somehow I’m still here?

We both signed to serve 4 years
But I left once my time had come
He stayed on to serve this land
Overseas, in a hostile desert nation

Can you tell me why it still hurts?
Can you explain how it’s for the best,
That a little girl… has lost her only daddy?

Can you tell me who has gained?
‘Cause to me it all it seems the same…
Over there, as it was before he left,
And his wife, wasn’t living her life all alone Over here…

I watched the stories on the news
Until I couldn’t take no more
Then I threw out the cable box
That brought the stories… of so much senseless pain

Mr. Bush claimed our cause was just
And he gained our nation’s trust
But if we could afford to wage this war
Why couldn’t we… afford to protect our soldiers?

Can you tell me why it still hurts?
And why these feelings keep getting worse?
A little girl has lost her only daddy

And can you tell me who has gained?
‘Cause to me it all seems insane
To send our soldiers... off to face some battle
Where no one… really seems to understand
What we’re supposed to do?
Over there…

© 2008 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios