Godfather III


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Liner Notes

Ode to the Godfather series, except Godfather III and Sofia Coppola.


Francis Coppola made great movies in the past
Godfather I and II were classics, made to last
But what of 3?
How could this be?
Sofia Coppola should die and kiss my ass…

How can you kill, scenes with Pacino?
Andy Garcia is decent too…

She did ok in I and II as just a child
But then she only had to burp and laugh and smile
Then she grew up
Her acting sucks
Now trilogy will pay for daughter’s lack of style

[Instrumental interlude]

And what is up… with that incest vibe?
I mean come on, that stuff is gross

My favorite scene is when Sofia finally dies
And by the way Al’s acting then is quite divine
Shot in the chest
Out on the steps
And even then Sofia botched her final line

© 2008 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios