Strangle Disco


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Liner Notes

Strangle Disco is a crazy genre that only exists during the February Album Writing Month. It combines techno beats, classical music, and anagrams of mostly meaningless phrases.


(anagram paragraphs - all 4 lines are same letters reused)

Where have all the discos gone?
Have the cheesed gorillas won?
Ache in whatever godless hole…
Shhh! Gale evades erection low.

Moonlight Sonata is a Beethoven song,
Shone heaviest boot, antagonism long.
Hog on banana so seething vomit stole,
Is not vomit on gasbag on heathen sole?

Myth claims his lover a contessa fair,
Smallish vasectomy fans erotic hair.
Salivary, half-eaten, microcosms shit,
Half-shy scream in viscose, amoral tit.

Others say Lucerne inspired this tune,
Nuder atrocity in the sheepless rune.
Hey, shut up, literate censored sinner!
Cheesy adulterer outs penis thinner…

Amateur twitcher of idolatrous smother,
Touchiest aroused of immortal thwarter.
Arouse fat throws to homicidal mutterer,
Truth is, ‘twas a tale of homoerotic murder…

(next part is song about the thread that inspired the strangle disco genre)

The tale is one that I know far too well
At Café Beethoven, it was a night of pure hell
Marcel hated disco, slammed Burbank in the face
Now his epitaph reads “decapitated by bass”

At the strangle disco…
It was a strangle disco

That’s how the killing got started, with the strongman Marcel
I get confused with details, the story’s tough to tell
I know his bass was melodious but is voice was too high
And poor Juergen the drummer was the next to die

At the strangle disco…
It was a strangle disco.

Next thing you know, it was a bloody fight
Everyone in the room tried to match Marcel’s might
When the police showed up it was a total bloodbath
Dozens of dead songwriters in the aftermath

At the strangle disco…
It was a strangle disco…

© 2008 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios