Chad’s Beetle


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Liner Notes

My friend Chad dared me to write a song about a beetle living in some guy's jock-strap.

Probably shouldn't have made that dare, eh Chad?


Chad's beetle is a cool translucent green
It's the neatest little bug I've ever seen
Chad's beetle.... Chad's beetle...

In translucent green
That beetle's on the scene
Chad's beetle

Chad kept his beetle in his sock all day
Then it found a much better place to stay
Chad's beetle... Chad's beetle...

Was in a sock to stay
Now he's out to play
Chad's beetle

The beetle used to live inside a sock
Where it lives now may come as quite a shock

Chad's beetle is cool
But Chad may be a fool
That beetle walks the walk
So try not to gawk
'Cause that little beetle really knows how to rock

Well what you might not understand
Chad's beetle is a guest from a foreign land
Chad's beetle... Chad's beetle...

Try to understand
He's from a foreign land
Chad's beetle

Yeah it's an Asian beetle and it maybe a shock
That Chad's little beetle lives inside Chad's jock
Chad's beetle... Chad's beetle...

It maybe a shock
He lives inside Chad's jock
Chad's beetle

The beetle hatched from its egg on the back of a sow
Now check out where he's living now

Chad's beetle is crass
And Chad may lack some class
The beetle came from a sow
And though you may ask how
Chad's beetle's gonna rock this solo now!

© 2008 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios