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Liner Notes

This punk-inspired rocker was a lot of fun, inspired by random thoughts about our dysfunctional political machine... obviously writing about the 2008 Presidential Primaries.


How did we get so polar?
Why can’t the Dems and Reps agree?
Why must our nation be so polar?
Is partisanship democracy?

One side rejects all semblance
Of religion or unified thought
The other strives for Borg collective
And thinks that votes can all be bought

How did we get so effing polar?
Like a pendulum out of control
Reagan… Carter… Bush and Clinton
Both sides self-righteous in their roles

How did we get so polar?

Why must our nation be so polar?
Will Obama really make a difference?
Or will he sell his soul to win this role?
He truly seems the brightest option
But mudslinging can take it’s toll

Even the Reps will play the race card
With Alan Keyes their problem’s solved
Please forgive me for my bluntness...
The Dumbo Party ain’t that evolved

Don’t get me started on Hillary Clinton…
Her husband’s coattails aren’t that long
As for McCain, would he survive it?
Our nation’s president must be strong

And my thoughts on Mike Gravel?
I have one – Who the f*ck is he?
Ron Paul’s at least a name I’ve heard before,
As are Romney and Huckabee

How did we get so polar?

Why must our nation be so polar?

© 2008 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios