Only Silly


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Liner Notes

Song inspired by a silly argument.


Well I used to think the only silly problems
Were the ones we're too scared to talk about
As I sit here staring at this damned computer
I think it'd feel better just to shout

Well we spent six months planning FAWM collaboration
Now you say you don't want no part at all?
Just 'cause I was alone when I went with inspiration
And I wrote a song without you... What the hell?

It’s just a silly fight; some bad communication
We don’t talk it out; just endure sleep deprivation

So here I am alone in my cold basement
Beating on this guitar in the night
And you're upstairs lying alone in our bed
Pretending you're asleep and alright

Well it seems so strange that something so amazing
Can completely mess me up in my brain
But I guess these feelings are just the inspiration
To work it out or to simply go insane

It's just a silly fight, well more a disagreement
Time to let it go and forgive my silly grievance

And I used to think the only silly problems
Were the ones you let fester in your head
Now I know that even silly little problems
Help me write when I'd rather be in bed

© 2008 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios