Karma Dog


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Liner Notes

A goofy song inspired by jokes between my wife and I...


Took some time to figure out
Took a while to figure out
What it means

The way some people get away
They get away with murder
Or so it seems

Just when you think you've pulled it off
The plot twists and knocks you
Off of your feet

Like some kind of Karma Dog
Your sins come back to bite you
Right on your seat

See my lady comes around
She comes around to put me
Back in my place

Then she laughs and smiles at me
And that laughter melts away
My disgrace

All those times I spent my life
Spent my life chasing love
On the wind

Now my lady stands by me
Seems that Karma Dog's become
My best friend

© 2008 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios