Thank You


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Liner Notes

I was sitting at my recording console waiting for inspiration for my 14th song, and then this came to me.

If you're a FAWMer reading this then I've reached my intended audience with the message - thanks!


This is a tribute to FAWM dot org now
So many great songwriters in here
It’s been an honor and a privilege to say that
I was part of the challenge this year

Ya see I’ve never really been a songwriter
The FAWM challenge really called me out
Been strugglin’ with guitar almost two decades
This FAWM challenge really ended my drought

Now in addition to my musical growth here
Got so much more from joining FAWM’s site
I got to listen to some truly great music
And met new inspirations every night

I’d like to take the time to thank Burr Settles
And also thank the ones from FAWM '04
A final message to all those I’ve met here
You’re always welcome to stop at my door

© 2007 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios