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Liner Notes

Being a product of The Decade of Decadence, I felt compelled to make another attempt at a heavy metal song after I was so dissapointed with Temptation. The subject is a typical 80s vibe, all testosterone but an effort to confuse that with love... In a way I suppose it's just about being a guy, huh?

This time I used sampled drums instead of trying to play the drums myself, so it went much faster and the final result is better... but it's obvious my voice was dead, this was my 3rd song today so I think I'll go ice my larynx before bed...


Been walkin’ your line every single day
Do whatever you tell me to
‘Cuz whatever it is that you ask of me
It’s worth some time alone with you

From the day that we met when I looked in your eyes
There was nuthin’ I could ever do
Spending all of my time waiting for my fix
It’s you that I’m addicted to

Well we talk on the phone every single night
‘Cuz we hate spending time apart
When we say goodnight and hang up that phone
This empty bed just breaks my heart

You may think I’m insane the way I long for you
Miss you moments after leaving your door
Not usually this way, this just ain’t my style
But with you I’m always wanting more

Am I in love?
Or is it lust?
Don’t really care
Blinded by this crush

© 2007 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios