FAWMing for Ideas


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Liner Notes

This one is a totally gratuitous use of Apple Loops, with the drums, bass, and piano all taken from the generic library, but it is a fun song to listen to and only took me about two hours from idea conception to posting. Amusingly, the lyrics that ended up in this one were just my scratch to lay out the song structure, but once I had the scratch vocal track with all of the other instruments I liked it so much I left the original lyrics.

I played guitar and sang on this one, and, actually, I stole the main idea for the guitar work from Jimi Hendrix (3rd Stone from the Sun), but I tried to be tasteful about the plagiarism and make it more of a tribute than a rip off.


Here it is, the final weekend
Just 4 more songs to go
I started late but I caught up
How I fell behind, I’ll never know

I wasted time trying to be clever
Tried to do each song right by the book
Then I discovered the power of sampling
For example, check this piano sample - it’s off the hook!

FAWMing for ideas
Need some lyrics for song 11
Yeah I’m FAWMing for ideas
These Apple Loops are a gift from Heaven

© 2007 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios