Joe in the Outhouse


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Liner Notes

OK, for some reason I decided I should try to hit as many genres as possible, so this is my stab at country. Of course, despite playing to fit the genre, it still had to have that special mark of idiocy which is expected of every AquaMunkee submission... so this one was inspired by a conversation I had about someone who would frequently drink coffee while sitting on the toilet reading the paper...

By the way, just to be honest, I used Apple Loops for the drums on this one and also used a sweet mandolin sample, you'll hear it during each instrumental break in the song. But I did play the guitar and bass on this very simple tune.


Well my baby went ‘n left me
Took off for those city lights
She said us country bumpkins
Just ain’t got no kind of life

So I packed up my possessions
Went to see ‘bout all the fuss
That city was so busy
Everyone in such a rush

Just when I thought it would kill me
So much noise I couldn’t think
Went to find a place to sit down
For a meal or just a drink

Well I stepped into a Starbucks
Just to grab a drink to go
It was fancy and expensive
But it was one good cup of Joe

One good cup of Joe
[instrumental break w/ sampled mandolins]

Left that city in the mornin’
Couldn’t wait to get back home
My baby must be crazy
Maybe she’ll find out on her own

Yeah I couldn’t stand that city
But that coffee gave me a plan
So I grabbed 10 pounds of coffee
And headed back home to the ranch

One thing about my outhouse
In the winter it gets old
Sitting out there doin’ your bizness
While you’re freezin’ in the cold

Wouldn’t try to copy Starbucks
Had my very own trick to sell
Now there’s Joe out in my outhouse
Tastes OK despite the smell

Tastes OK despite the smell
[instrumental break w/ sampled mandolins]

© 2007 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios