Strangled Elise


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Liner Notes

At long last, after a week in the doldrums, my 9th FAWM submission and first Strangle Disco. I had grand designs for this one, intending to merge my rap with the gorgeous chorus from Jules’ song For You, Elise, but I couldn’t seem to make the timing work out... Thanks for working with me on it though Jules, I wish I could have made it work because I’d love to feature your voice!

I was able to merge in the hypnotic “No Bach No Beethoven” mantra from Charlie Cheney’s Post(Apocalyptic)Strangle-Disco Eye and also my favorite line so far from FAWM 2007, the line is “Eat that chicken and be saved” from Mike Skliar’s Eat that Chicken. I also included a few samples from the masterful Burr Settles Strangle Disco, you’ll probably recognize the Immortal Beloved Label Me Vomit Rod quote as well as the famous F-bomb Rickenbacker line.

Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy this one. I had a lot of fun with it!

By the way, this is my first totally electronic submission, everything except my vocals were samples.

Also, if you haven’t heard the songs I’ve referenced yet, you owe it to yourself to check them out:

Post(Apocalyptic)Strangle-Disco Eye by Charlie Cheney

Eat that Chicken by Mike Skliar

Beethoven's Howlingly Melodious... (IV) by Burr Settles

For You, Elise by Jules


14 songs in 28 days
Inspires and challenges in so many ways
Wrote so many songs had so little to say
Even wrote a song about being Road Gay

It’s a process, a mindset, ya understand?
Like jotting down lyrics on the back of your hand
The songs are simple, complex, small and grand
This one’s inspired by the great Ludwig van [sic]

[Fur Elise sample]

Yeah Beethoven’s talent, it couldn’t be caged
‘Ole boy had the whole wide world as a stage
Back in the day he was all the rage
FAWM strangle disco brings him into our age

A thread about anagrams began this race
FAWMers all around the world quickly stepped up the pace
Burr Settles got it going, yeah the guy’s an ace
Singing ’bout playing [the muthafuckin rickenbacker bass]

[“Immortal beloved label me vomit rod”]
(thus begins the anagrammed sentences
each pair of lyrics below are anagram pairs)

Leisure anagram / a surreal enigma
Capture the beat to avoid the stigma

Beethoven’s Howlingly Melodious New
Now loved teeny helium bowling shoes

Drab struggle in Satan Sisco
Bass guitar ‘n’ strangle disco

Subversion dignity and greed
A very disturbing song indeed

Threat cheek vanity decay
Eat that chicken every day

Check-in, devastate and bathe
Eat that chicken and be saved

© 2007 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios