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Liner Notes

The concept behind the lyrics was originally a totally sexy stalker / succubus, then it sort of morphed into a guy’s delusional fantasy, after all, who really gets stalked by vixen?

03/03 - I completely re-recorded this entire song from scratch and am much happier with my performance. This time I started with a programmed drum pattern to replace my poor acoustic drum performance on the initial recording, then I re-did the guitar and vocals, added a bass, and ended up doing my own solo because circumstances prevented my guitar teacher from making an appearance.


I feel you lurking in the shadows
I hear you breath outside my door
And when you sink your claws into me
We both know I can’t wait for more

It’s you that haunts me when I’m dreaming
I wake and still smell your perfume
I search in vain to try and find you
But I’m alone here in my room

So much temptation
Evil temptation

Your lips they tempt me with obsession
Intoxicated by your smell
Thoughts of your body promise heaven
As my lust lures me into hell

I tell myself I will resist you
I swear I won’t fall for your lies
I tell myself it’s just a bad dream
But wake with bite marks on my thighs

So much temptation
Evil temptation

© 2007 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios