Road Gay


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Liner Notes


Just needed to get that out to hopefully avoid at least one or two hate mails. I’m not homophobic, nor gay, I’m just expounding on a crazy conversation I had over a few too many beers with another musician a few weeks ago.

Look at the bright side - our other conversation was about clubbing baby seals, I didn’t write a song about that (yet).

I enjoyed this tune because it’s my first in 7/8 time and also the first attempt at the one-man-band gig since I played drums, bass, & guitar on this one.

2/12 - In restrospect, it’s a shame I chose my best production value tune to debase with such offensive lyrics... It still makes me giggle though... Maybe I should work on my marketing skills?


People think this is the life
Sex and drugs and rock ‘n roll
But something they don’t understand
Not all the sex is hetero

Now I ain’t sayin'’ it’s right
The things we do and games we play
When it gets lonely on the road
We’re all a little road gay

Once the van pulls out of town
It’s time for all those crazy games
Call my name, I turn to see
My bandmate proudly hanging brains

You pass out at an afterbar
And wake up with balls in your face
You wonder is there something up?
Don’t worry we’re just road gay

© 2007 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios