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Liner Notes

This song is a celebration of simplicity and angst.

OK, that was a mindless soundbyte. This one is actually somewhat introspective, picking apart my hyperactivity and need for one million hobbies such as scuba (dip in the sea) and hiking / rock climbing (a month in the mountains), but it certainly isn’t autobiographical since I’m not really an angry person.

I initially put down the bassline expecting to add some industrial tones from my synth, but I'm just not feeling the industrial vibe anymore, so I took the Reznor-esque feel, slapped in a cheesy guitar solo, and called it done.

03/01 - I re-recorded this one, timing is much better but I think I blew out my voice. ;-)


I took a walk in the moonlight
I took a dip in the sea
I spent a month in the mountains
Where no one else could find me

I thirst for constant stimulation
I’m fascinated with crime
I wrestle daily with boredom
But never have enough time

I need to get back to basics
I wanna figure out life
I wanna get back to basics
I gotta simplify

I need to find my balance
My world is upside down
I’ve got the mind of a pornstar
And the physique of a clown

I thirst for constant stimulation
I need it all of the time
I demand this mental masturbation
To feed my lust for grand designs

I need to get back to basics...

My world no longer has meaning
My life’s turned upside down
I take the time to pick up all the pieces
Just so I can scatter them around

I thirst for constant stimulation
My mind is working overtime
I bore myself with this insipid contemplation
Now it’s time to leave that all behind

I need to get back to basics...

© 2007 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios