AquaMunkee Songwriting - Favorite Songs

These are favorite picks from February Album Writing Month (FAWM) from 2007-2013 and 50 Songs in 90 Days challenges in 2007 and 2008. The complete library of submissions is 141 songs with a total playing time of nearly 7 hours, and if you have nothing better to do just follow the link to “All Songs” above.

Note that these songs were all written and recorded under a tight schedule, with little time for polish and in some cases the songs were being composed on the fly. Keep this in mind as you listen and apologies for poor production quality on some songs!

The lists below list names and brief descriptions for the favorite songs of each challenge. Follow the hyperlinks for more details of each song, including liner notes and lyrics.

FAWM 2014 - favorites out of 3 songs

  1. For Ben - lullaby / dedication song for my son Benjamin Alexander Morse
  2. Abendtrost (Solace of Night) - laid back acoustic guitar instrumental

FAWM 2013 - favorites out of 9 songs

  1. Party on the Island of Misfit Toys - a great instrumental rocker
  2. No Room for Us Dreamers - comical song based on article from The Onion
  3. The Honey Badger - Honey Badger truly does not give a sh#t
  4. Golden Dirigible - bluesy acoustic jam
  5. Synthetic Logic - interesting electronic composition
  6. Borqued - another rocking instrumental, with a dramatic change up, bass makes me chuckle
  7. Pulling Tubes with Raul in the Tau Dewa Sector Block - totally random & bizarre instrumental, all electronic

FAWM 2012 - out of 13

  1. Cold Stone Killer - goofy song with my friend Joe Manwich Leonard
  2. Deez Nuts - mellow instrumental
  3. Warped Time - the beginning of my obsession with shifting tempo
  4. Temporal Distortion - more tempo shifting
  5. 3040 - classical vibe meets rock, also tempo shifting
  6. No H8 the 7 Ate - very cool instrumental in 7/8
  7. Give Me Wood - very nice instrumental, Satriani-esque

FAWM 2011 out of 15

  1. Empty Eulogy - very somber song about my dad’s death
  2. GeoSynchronous - instrumental
  3. Brown - totally goofy song, lots of fun
  4. Ping Pong Patong - hilarious song about the hedonism in Patong, Thailand
  5. Here Too - instrumental collaboration, exceptional

FAWM 2010 - out of 17

  1. The Storm - sensual mood song that turns into cool electronic music
  2. Mixolydian in a Bottle - intense, serious lyrics but performance misses the mark
  3. Shut Up and Play - fun instrumental
  4. Frame the Munkee - collaboration with a guy from Tennessee, lots of fun
  5. La Hacienda Obtuso - hilarious improv with my former band ToEleven
  6. The Story - intense lyrics inspired by my dad, lyrics by a friend
  7. The Locks Have Changed - collaboration and guest singer, love this performance!

FAWM 2009 - out of 21

  1. Hero - very serious song about my dad, later played at his funeral
  2. Zombie Shuffle - more 50s rock, this one about killing zombies
  3. Ice Diver - fun reggae song about Ice Diving
  4. Die Letzten Goten - heavy metal, sang in German!
  5. S.O.S. - most angry (and fun) punk song of mine
  6. Reversi Wall - wall of sound built around a reverse guitar track
  7. Conchordian Slip - goofy song inspired by real events and Flight of the Conchords
  8. Caged Tiger - collaboration, I love the way the guitar turned out
  9. Crackapella Improv - probably the strangest song of all of my creations
  10. TransAtlantic Caterwauling - fun collaboration with a singer / guitarist from Paris

50 Songs in 90 Days 2008 - out of 13

  1. Tapestry #1 - instrumental, a tapestry of sound
  2. Happiness 101 - instrumental, just happy
  3. New Music Ensemble - instrumental, very weird and quirky
  4. Too Tired - instrumental, one of my favorites for the cool mood
  5. Simple Blue - instrumental, another solid one
  6. She Lights My Life - love song
  7. Glide - instrumental, flowing slide
  8. Drill Baby Drill - angry punk song, very fun
  9. Nessie - totally goofy, electronic song based on Southpark
  10. Dickish Boy - Muddy Watters riff used to make fun of my dog
  11. The Guitar Factory - rocking out on guitars I just put together

FAWM 2008 - out of 24

  1. Liftoff (pre-FAWM) - electronic rocker
  2. Lick my Lovepump - a Spinal Tap inspired “Mach” ballad
  3. Always - another love song for Molly
  4. Facets - yet another love song
  5. Chad’s Beetle - big band inspired 50s rock
  6. AquaRave - electronic dance mix
  7. Drift Back - goofy song with a fun and dramatic change from mellow to hard rock
  8. Buy a Tuba - goofy song about a tuba, just because
  9. Over There - my most serious song, about a friend who died in Iraq
  10. Snowshoes - a very solidly written love song for Molly

50 Songs in 90 Days 2007 - out of 15

  1. Baby Blues - piano ballad, lyrics by my wife Molly
  2. Gray - industrial rock, great production value, lyrics by Molly
  3. Green - song I wooed Molly with when we first met
  4. Molly Meuse - song I professed my love to Molly with!
  5. Fairies of Summer - lyrics by Molly, nice fingerpicking
  6. Puppy Piranha - electronic music, making fun of a dog we used to have

FAWM 2007 - out of 16

  1. Back to Bassics - angstful, industrial song with great solo
  2. Road Gay - politically incorrect (but funny), composed in 7/8
  3. Temptation - terrible songwriting and singing, another great solo
  4. For Corey - mournful instrumental with emotional solo
  5. FAWMing for Ideas - Zappa-esque, fun creation
  6. Crush - another stab at 80s rock, bad song but fun solo
  7. Snowbound in MadTowne - great punk rock tune, crowd favorite
  8. Body Massage Machine - ridiculous and classic AquaMunkee, cult favorite based on GI Joe spoof videos

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