The Guitar Factory


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Liner Notes

I've been building guitars up that have been laying around my house in pieces for the past few years, it all started with the little blue strat that inspired "Simple Blue" this year...

Anyway, I've been hoping to finish up the baritone strat that will make my 2nd guitar completed this 50/90 in time to compose this song, but it wasn't ready until the evening of October 3rd, thus the late post.


Almost done, just one more coat
Guitar parts spread all about the place
Sawdust and paint out on the deck
And the basement’s become a complete disgrace

My wife’s so patient, what a mess I’ve made
“This’ll be the best yet you wait and see”
Nuts and bolts and scraps of wire
Just another day in the guitar factory

Active pickups, batteries
A little more oomph for this baritone
Finished her tonight, that’s 2 so far
Yet the Beast waits for her turn alone

Plywood body – mostly wood filler now
Don’t look like much, in fact she looks like hell
Three bad paint jobs and scalloped frets
But my first guitar I could never sell

© 2008 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios