Corey Dog


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Liner Notes

Corey was one of those dogs you just never forget, and FAWM'07 was when I found out she had terminal cancer, and for some reason last night while walking Charlie, my new dog, I felt these lyrics and melody come to me...


When I saw you in the kennel
I just knew you were the one
Took you home to my apartment
A lonely boy and his new dog
That was back in ‘97
Yeah we really had our fun

Oh… my Corey Dog

We left college for the Army
Traveled south then overseas
Walked the streets of Rome beside you
And all over Germany
No matter where this life would take us
You always gave so much to me

Oh… my Corey Dog

Almost two years now – since I lost you
And yet sometimes – I feel you here still
Puts a smile on my face
And though my eyes may well with tears
Your memory still brightens my every day


My wife and I went to the kennel
Brought a new dog into our lives
He doesn’t act or look much like you
And yet sometimes he has your eyes
Though this song is meant to mourn you
In my heart you’re still alive

Oh… my Corey Dog
Oh… my Corey Dog

© 2008 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios