Drill Baby Drill


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Liner Notes

My first punker of this challenge, written in response to the retarded mantra of McCain and the Republicans.

I tried to keep an open mind about the upcoming US election, but the whole "drill baby drill" episode with the conservatives blindly deciding it made sense to start offshore drilling with reckless abandon did it for me...

This song is sarcastically sung from the perspective of those who do not share my green friendly views.


My SUV at the station
Gas prices went up some more
I blame it all on the Arabs
It’s time to start a new war!

Left-wing tree huggers
Sell us that green living crap
No money in those crusades
I’ll tell ya where it’s all at

Gotta drill baby drill!
Gonna drill baby drill!
Gotta drill baby drill!
Gonna drill baby drill!

Wanted oil from Alaska
Right here on home soil
Those damned retarded petitions
Had our pipeline dream spoiled

Who gives a damn about Caribou?
Endangered species my ass!
They’re just meat for our tables
We need to get at the gas!

Gotta drill baby drill!
Gonna drill baby drill!
I don’t care what we kill
We just gotta drill baby drill

Let’s club some baby seals…

It’s all supply and demand
Take what we deserve
Enough to last our lifetime
Our kids will find more reserves

We’re gonna drill baby drill!
We gotta drill baby drill!
Doesn’t matter what we kill…
We’re just gonna drill baby drill!
We’ll never get our fill
We gotta drill baby drill
Straight from capitol hill
They say we gotta drill baby drill…

© 2008 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios