She Lights My Life


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Liner Notes

My first song with lyrics for this year's 50/90 challenge, I was lying in bed beside my wife and these lyrics started coming to me...


Sometimes at night I lie awake
Just to watch her as she sleeps
It’s so amazing

Sometimes it brings me near to tears
And it takes my breath away
How she inspires me
With every breath she takes
Even in the darkness
She lights my life

Sometimes I marvel at the way
She pretends she doesn’t know
She has to know

The way her smile can move my world
And bring light to my darkest day
Still sometimes I wonder…
Does she truly feel the same?
But when she smiles
And takes my hand
She lights my life

Still sometimes I wonder…
Could she ever truly feel the same?
But with a simple smile
She lights my life

© 2008 Brian Morse / AquaMunkee Studios